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The Cellar

From the vine to the wine, all the work is step by step closely monitored and evaluated. The outcome in the winery does always reflect the attention and care taken in every procedure while growing the grapes. It also reflects the particular character of the natural combined factors of the year, considering the interaction of the soil and the weather, this one as another major variable (in time and place) factor, which definitely influences the levels of maturation and the organoleptic   features of the wines achieved every year.

Our winemaking combines the centennial tradition of foot pressing in the old stone lagares and automatic pressing in stainless steel vats, both incorporating temperature control equipment. After the alcoholic fermentation, some red wines will undergo the malolactic fermentation in wood barrels while other reds can achieve the same fermentation in steel tanks. At a due moment and for a variable length of time, they will be brought into French oak varied size barrels. The winemaking decisions always depend on the specific characteristics of each wine, on the final profiles a wine can promise in advance, and last but not least, on the minimum intervention possible so as to allow nature  to express itself freely. As for the white wines, procedures are also extremely careful  and oak is not usually involved. There is moderate crushing of the selected grapes,  slow must decantation, fermentation in steel tanks with low temperature control, maturation in steel over fine lees for some months, and occasional batonnage if necessary. The usual outcome takes us to wines that reveal a natural, pure expression of the grape varieties, in which there is an enhanced aromatic complexity, maximum fruit concentration, together with a beautiful, balanced acidity and some interesting mineral notes, that make these wines be alive, lively and pleasing.