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Quinta de Ramozeiros White 2018

The Quinta de Ramozeiros White 2018 is a bright very light yellow wine in colour, having slight green glimpses in shade. In the nose it is aromatic and fruity, in the palate, young, soft, fresh and citric. Its persistent acidity lets it remain fresh until the end.

It is an excellent match for a wide range of dishes of fish, seafood, salads, pasta, and a lot of other light dishes, also including white meat dishes.




Douro Valley.
Cima Corgo.
Production Zone
Vacalar, Armamar.
Vineyard Area
18,5 ha.
Type of Soil
Vineyard Height
Grape Varieties
FERNÃO PIRES (30%), SÍRIA (30%), MALVASIA FINA ( 15%), GOUVEIO (15%) e CERCIAL (10%).
Total destemming, decantation at 10º C, followed by alcoholic fermentation  at an average temperature of 14º C.
6.666 bottles (750ml).
In stainless steel vat for 7 months.
Bottling Date
May 25th 2016.
Alcohol 12,7%.
PH 3,19.
Total Acidity: 5,3 gr./lt.
Residual Sugar: 1, gr./l.
Ageing Curve
Judging from the organoleptic features of this wine, we predict a positive evolution in the bottle for the next two year.
Cellar Favorable Conditions
70% humidity, 14º/16º C temperature.

How to Serve
Serve it at 9º/11º C.
6 bottles x 750ml card box.
Paulo J. T. Barros.



This wine, like our other wines , is mainly the expression of nature in what comes to the typical Douro Valley geology, climate and persistent human care and handcraft. It’s the conciliation of all those factors, brought to harmony with strong determination and considerable vinegrowing effort ( heart, brain, hands, little machinery were implied).

The winter (2014-2015) was cold and dry, spring came and didn´t bring any meaningful amount of rain as we expected, summer was hot and dry and the vines despite being under hydric pressure managed to offer beautiful and plentiful bunches of healthy grapes which, the white ones, were picked by hand at the end of August/ beginning of September. Then by mid-September, the rain and a drop in temperature numbers came and despite the fear of damage it might cause while we were ready to go again picking grapes, the impact was well absorbed by the thirsty soil and the thirsty vines and in the end we can’t complain, we picked excellent red fruit with very good levels of sugar, acidity and phenolic matter. Neither the devoted farmers can set nice weather protocols with the nature deities and God, you just have to somehow adjust and manage to face weather unpredictable changes… Life’s risky , isn’t it?

This white, as all our other wines, is the expression of a strong natural character and a strong and judicious human care and handcraft, a typical brand from the Douro Valley.

Sit and enjoy it in good company!



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